Translucent Thin Slate is an extraordinary design product. The incredible translucence of the stone can create an eye catching thrill almost anywhere. The translucent Thin Slate has all properties of the classic Thin Slate material but can be backlit. Without light the Translucent Thin Slate appears as a massive stone panel, but once it is backlit a beautiful warm light shines through the surface.

How to work with Translucent

1. Preparation
 All sheets of Translucent should be spread on a surface to check the vein of the material and be able to sort them to get an evenly distributed lighting effect.

2. Protection
To Protect the Natural Stone Surface apply the impregnator with a sponge roller in a very thin layer. Let the material dry for 30 Minutes and then wipe off any access moisture to ensure no staining on the surface. This can be done before or after application.

3. Adhering
It is advisable to wear rubber gloves while working with Thin Slate. For a full surface adhesion apply the adhesive to the back of the material or to the surface onto which it will be glued with a flat scraper.

Available Colors

Black Slate

D. Black


Multi Color Pink

Silver Shine

Verde Gris

Burning Forest

D. Green

Indian Autumn Rustic

Ocean Green

Silver Shine Gold

California Gold

Falling Leaves

Multi Color

Sanjayni White



Galaxy Black

Multi Color Grey

Silver Grey

Terra Red

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