Thin Slate

ECO-STONE is an eco-friendly product. This is a very thin layer of 100% real slate with a backing of polyester and cotton. It has increased flexibility with thickness range of a maximum of 1mm. Ideal for sofas, bags, belts, columns, furnishings, doors, and interiors. This is the only real stone in the world that you can adhere like wallpaper.


  • 100 % natural stone surface
  • Backing: Cotton and a water-based Polymer
  • Thickness less than 1mm or 1/25”
  • Approximately 600-800 grams per square meter
  • Size tolerance 2-3 mm in length and width
  • Standard size of 24” x 48”
  • Can be applied with almost any adhesive, including wood and wall paper glues
  • Can easily be folded around corners during installation
  • For industrial application the tolerance may be adjusted


  • Interior walls - Glass Fiber wall paper glue
  • Wood - Wood-Adhesive
  • Steel, Glass, etc.: Any adhesive which is suitable for the base-material


  • Eco-Stone can be treated and sealed as any other natural stone, by any standard stone sealing product in the industry.
  • Recommended that the surface be treated every 2 - 3 years.




  • Cut with a carpet-knife from the rear side
  • Increasing the temperature of the material will increase flexibility
  • Grout Joints: Can be filled with Silicone or a high-polmer content grout


  • Abrasive strength through sealing with 2 component PU-Sealer
  • Low weight for shipping and transport
  • Long-term guarantee for all available stones
  • Easy to apply around corners, even at sharp 90 degree angles
  • Environmentally friendly production


Available Colors

Black Slate

Clear White Stripe

Galaxy Black

Indian Autumn Rustic

Multi Color Pink

Silver Grey


Burning Forest



Jade Green


Silver Shine Gold

Terra Red

California Gold

D. Black

Green Pearl

Multi Color

Sanjayni White

Silver Shine


Clear White

Falling Leaves

Ice Pearl

Multi Color Grey

Sea Green


Verde Gris

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